Rollercoaster teamed up with Copper to produce this fantastic virtual reality experience for Samsung.  

The experiential stand showcases the tech firms incredible Gear VR Headset, by allowing passers-by to experience sailing in a 360° view whilst wearing Gear VR.

We were commissioned to produce these custom boat modules to add a ’true to the sport' physical dimension to their Virtual Headset experience. The boat module came equipped with three-stage tensioned racing ropes working in with over 45 degrees of seat-tilt which enabled users to lean right back and race with the crew. A powered fan was also integrated to help export users out into the elements - we think the facial expressions say it all!


Rollercoaster took care of the production design and manufacture.

The project was a great opportunity for us to showcase our latest design tools, presenting the design to our clients as a 360° 3D render.