V Overground

As part of their #GiveitaV campaign, V energy and Colenso BBDO came up with this  'Auckland Overground test site', a high-energy solution to Auckland's transport woes. Avoid the morning commute by taking the human slingshot to work! 

The Rollercoaster crew turned up with the pylon in the Auckland CBD early in the morning, armed with 'Auckland Overground' branded Hi-Vis and a prepared spiel to give to inquisitive members of the public.

The payoff happened a few days later when the slingshot seat and V signage was added in!


To bring this idea to life, Rollercoaster designed and constructed the steel I-Beam pylon to public safety standards; finished it in V energy green; sourced and customised the slingshot seat and rubber; designed and built the card reader, with custom signwriting; installed the pylon in council worker guise; and installed the remainder a few days later; drank V.