Pepsi Party House Front Thumb

Colenso BBDO commissioned us to build this portable house for Pepsi's latest 'Find the Party' promotion. We're really proud of how it turned out. Check out the pics!

We had some strict criteria for the design and build - the back of the house needed to open up fully to accommodate an extra party area. On top of that the house needed to be loadable on to a flat-bed truck and transported from location to location completely set up and looking like a house. We devised a pretty clever folding roof which would allow us to fit within the height and weight restrictions for transport.

To bring this idea to life, Rollercoaster created design material including 3D files, CAD drawings and scamps running through several iterations; designed and arranged the construction of the steel frame to the appropriate engineering standards; built the house according to the style guides supplied by the client; clad the house with lightweight material for transporting; built the windows and doors; sourced and laid the flooring; painted top to bottom; designed and built the folding roof; designed and lasercut the fretwork detailing on the posts in the front entryway; designed the custom printed wallpaper for the interior; waterproofing and electrical work; created the backlit door and applied the signage; built custom stage risers for the back area; designed and built custom jockey-wheels for the large rear doors; arranged for the printing of the backlit gable and installed; liased with the transporters; worked together with engineer to build the house to the appropriate safety standards and gain the required fit-for-purpose documentation; worked with the client for the activation; drank Pepsi.