Memphis Kart Start

The Red Bull Trolley Grand Prix was held over the weekend, and Rollercoaster was in contention with the Memphis Meltdownhillers kart. Together with our friends at Collenso BBDO, we put together this giant scale icecream / hotrod / driverless vehicle / kinetic sculpture / gravity racer. 

On the day the kart was looking great, hitting speeds of 53km/h until... well, you'll have to see for yourself... (click!)



To bring this idea to life, Rollercoaster fabricated the chassis out of steel, built the hotrod body and melting details, designed and built the steering, braking and running gear, designed and built the engine with moving ice-cream pistons, created the carseat costume to provide the driverless vehicle effect, built the cart to conform with race rules, weight limit and safety requirements, did all detailing work on cart such as ice-cream stick grille, working headlights, and fake steering wheel, delivered the cart to the race and provided crew for the event.