Philips LED Trailer

Rollercoaster and Apollo Nation have teamed up to create this awesome mobile trailer setup to showcase Philips' latest range of LED bulbs. The trailer's main feature is a fully customised exercise bike, used to demonstrate the efficiency of LED bulbs vs standard incandescent.

As a rider pedals the bike, some complicated electronic wizardry interprets the output and lights up bulbs in the light array. The inside of the trailer is jam-packed with other Philips LED products in a living room setting.


To bring this idea to life, Rollercoaster stripped out the existing Philips trailer and relined it with ACM, new wiring and timber flooring effect vinyl. Adapted the exercise bike to generate current and customised it with Philips branding, designed and constructed the light array stand, with full wrap graphics, custom circuitry and battery packs. Full wrap graphics of interior and exterior of trailer. Custom acrylic shelving to display 'Living Colour' product. Additional electrics and construction for TV & DVD player, Bulb demonstration stand and interior lighting. Built trailer to legal spec and arranged WOF.